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20+ Years Living and Working in Japan

  • If you are looking for a very well connected trustworthy, dedicated and consultative approach Recruiter who understands Japanese market, you’re in the right place. We have deep personal relationships with workforce in Tokyo established over the years. Our network is composed of C-Level , Mid-Level and Junior-Level cross industries. Hiring managers rely on us to find their very best specialist professionals. Why? Because those same hiring managers trust us to manage their long-term careers.​​​​

  • We take great pride in providing outstanding personalized service and exceptional prices. We adapt to our client and candidates needs, similar to a private concierge or private banker. We only work in full confidentiality, and namely work on referrals relationships. Our key strength is understanding client requirements quickly to find the best match in the marketplace.

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Our Services

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  • CV Proofing

  • Objective settings and Fit-for-Purpose

  • Options analysis and Risk Management

  • Consultative & Relationship-base

  • Confidentiality and Objectivity

  • Speed of execution

  • Negotiation and Post-Deal Follow up

Every candidate is treated as an individual with a focus on advising and consulting. Through our own experience, we understand the challenges of growing your own career and we support and provide career guidance throughout your job searching process. Our focus is attaining your objectives while maximizing your market value. We do want to build a long term relationship with you until you retire.






  • Contract and Onboarding

  • Risk Management and Reputation Safeguard

  • Objectives and Requirements settings

  • Job Description with Candidates Matching

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Trust & Confidentiality

  • Service Quality, Speed and Integrity

We leverage our long-term tenure in banking, consulting, corporate and start ups to quickly understand your needs. We then leverage our large network in Japan to deliver the best fit for your job description.


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Owning your Career is essential to ensure your objectives are attained and you can fully develop into your new role. We provide situation assessment and realistic goals setting advice. We guide you through the complicated and stressful process of landing your dream job.

  • Career Counselling

  • Resume Help

  • Interview Tips

  • Job Application Help

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  • インタビューの対策

  • 職務経歴書の作成サポート

  • キャリアに関連する事項をサポート