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Our Capabilities

20+ Years Living and Working in Japan

  • If you are looking for a very well connected trustworthy, dedicated and consultative approach Recruiter who understands Japanese market, you’re in the right place. We have deep personal relationships with workforce in Tokyo established over the years. Our network is composed of C-Level , Mid-Level and Junior-Level cross industries. Hiring managers rely on us to find their very best specialist professionals. Why? Because those same hiring managers trust us to manage their long-term careers.​​​​

  • We have lived and worked here for more than 20 years, have started at the bottom of the pack, and got the opportunity to work our way up through the corporate ladder ranks, attaining Senior Vice President in Banking, Managing Partner in consulting, Country Manager for two international companies and setting up our own business in real estate and promotional goods. 

  • We came to Japan in 1998 as part of a Master degree immersion program in international business, where we home-stayed in Kyoto. After graduation we landed our first job in management consulting in Tokyo. Returning from a full-time MBA program in 2005, we made a career change in Investment Banking where we had various leadership roles in the capital markets arena. Due to the impact of the financial crash on the industry, we moved back to consulting and attained Managing Partner in the digital world. We came to realize our passion and acumen for growing business and took the leap of faith to be Japan country manager for 2 international companies. As Head of Japan we got exposed to recruiting talented Teams of bilingual Japanese.

  • We take great pride in providing outstanding personalized service and exceptional prices. We adapt to our client and candidates needs, similar to a private concierge or private banker. We only work in full confidentiality, and namely work on referrals relationships. Our key strength is understanding client requirements quickly to find the best match in the marketplace.

Our Clients

  • Banking & Insurance

  • AM/PE/HF

  • Consulting & Digital & IT

  • Telecom & Media

  • Start-ups & EC's

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive & Telecom

  • CGS & Manufacturing

  • Hospitality

Our Experience

  • +20 Years Working in Japan

  • Exceptional Japan Network

  • Extensive C-Level Relationships

  • Managing Partner in Consulting

  • Head of Japan for Expert Network

  • SVP for Investment Banking

  • Bilingual Team

  • Digital Ecosystems & Startups

  • Public speaking at associations

Our Approach

  • Customer Centric

  • Building Trust

  • Quality of Service

  • Speed of Execution

  • Consultative

  • Integrity& Confidentiality

  • Requirements-based

  • Relationship-based

  • Cost awareness

Our Network

  • Japanese Fluency

  • 30,000+ Professionals

  • 15,000+ LinkedIn Followers


  • Consulting, Bank, Insurance

  • Corporates

  • Career forums

  • Associations (xCCJ, TAC, IBA, Fintech, Biotech)

  • Digital & IT

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