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Backend Developer - Global EC Platform

Why We Hire

we foster innovation. We are a rapidly growing team responsible for providing high scale API Gateway for Rakuten Ichiba’s web frontend and mobile applications, serving on average over 300M+ requests per day. We enable our millions of users to freely interact, explore, shop and have fun buying things that they like. By joining this team, you will have an opportunity to impact our user facing screens, backend systems and everything between them.


Position Details

We are looking for a passionate and innovative engineer who can bring fresh ideas, lead the development and operation with getting the peers involved proactively, to join us together in delivering best shopping experiences with high speed and time-to-market. 

  • To understand business requirements, and deliver features with high quality and speed

  • To design, development, test, and operate of large scale e-commerce systems

  • To perform maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting and bug-fix (24/7)

  • To perform system improvement (i.e. refactoring, adopting appropriate technologies and system architecture, and optimizing the system performance with a sufficient load test)

Mandatory Qualifications:

  • Good experience in CI/CD automation of service delivery (using Jenkins/git, etc.) as DevOps

  • Good experience in both Waterfall and Agile practice, and understand the spirit behind them

  • Good experience in traffic management by using CDN and caching systems

  • Experience in developing GraphQL / JSON RPC / gRPC server implementations

  • Team leading experience (5~6 people) to achieve targets on schedule under high pressure

  • Operate middle ware, such as Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Weblogic and other open source framework

  • Experience in supervision of software contents management (Git, Maven, and Gradle)

  • Experience in utilizing GNU utility on Linux distribution to take further investigation

  • Experience in Architecture Design by taking lots of system characteristics

  • TOEIC score over 650

  • Try to tackle proactively against highly challenging issues and manage to get things done

  • Can convince all stakeholders with choosing the best technical option with long-term and panoramic vision

Desired Qualifications:

  • Over 4 years' experience in designing and developing RESTful API and Micro service architecture as a whole

  • Proven hands-on Software Development experience in designing and developing applications using Java / Java EE platforms (JVM mechanism such as class loading, memory management, and gc tuning)

  • Object Oriented analysis and design using common design patterns (Gof, SOLID principles, and functional programing)

  • Experience in maintaining unit-testing suite at state-of-art level

  • Experience in Spring Framework

  • Experience to host Java application server (Tomcat, WebLogic / Jetty / Undertow, etc.) and configure it for production use

  • Improve with the people around you with acceptinggiven legacy system and rules

  • Ability to try to pursue an issue meticulously and to take care in not missing details

  • Ability to not be fixated on ideal solutions from a technical perspective and come up with a realistic idea to meet business requirements

Other Information:


Java 8+ / Java EE / Spring Boot / Spring / Spring Boot / Groovy / Kotlin / Restful API / Kong API gateway / Hystrix / GraphQL / Tomcat / Jetty / Redis / Memcached / RDB / Docker / Linux / Kubernetes / apache mesos / apache httpd / nginx / Spock / WireMock / Open API Specification (a.k.a Swagger) / Prometheus / ElasticSearch(Kibana) / Grafana

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